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Teztus is an online platform that uses AI to help educators grade assignments and exams. It saves teachers time and provides students with personalized feedback for every error.

Automate Grading.
Personalize Feedback.

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Supporting Your School at Every Level


 Administrators have a dashboard to monitor teacher engagement. They can also access comprehensive student performance reports highlighting school-wide strengths and weaknesses.


Teztus streamlines grading, providing personalized feedback for any assessment so teachers can focus their time on students.


Students receive prompt, personalized feedback on assignments, ensuring they understand their mistakes and can improve in any academic discipline.

  1. Set Up Your Assignment

Customize grading guidelines for each question so the system knows how you want to allocate partial marks.

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3.   Publish Grades

Send students their feedback and export the results for your grade book.

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Our system can be used for
any subject.

Teztus streamlines grading for educators, and provides in-depth feedback for every student error.

Ready to enhance education?

2.   Review Grading

Modify, add, or delete any part of the system-generated feedback and grades as needed.

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Enhance education with these
key features.


Educators have complete control over the system, dictating how it should allocate part marks so it matches your grading style.

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